How To Download & Save YouTube Videos to Gallery on Android Devices

Download YouTube Videos On Android

Here we are showing you how to download youtube videos on Android devices. There are several methods. 

1st Method 

Just open your youtube app. Find the video that you want to download. Then click on this share icon. Now copy that link. Now open your browser. And type press enter. Now you must Click on allow to continue. Sometimes you may not able to allow that. Don't worry I will show how to fix it at the end. 
If can allow. Now paste your URL. Then you can download it. If you can't allow that notifications, follow this procedure. Just go to three line menu. Then go install.  you can see the bellow, it shows that we are allowed to download videos from this. Just download the app. And install it. Before the installation, you must allow installing unknown apps. Then refollow this procedure. 

2nd method

Open your browser. We already have that link we copied from youtube earlier. Now paste it. And press enter. Now click on the URL. Go to edit. type double s before youtube. Now press enter. you can see again we came to the previous place. so you can download it. 

3rd method

Open your browser. Type TubeMate. Go to TubeMate app download. Then go to this site. Now click download. click okay. now open it. Click install. open the app. Click Accept. let's find a video to download. after open the video. click this green arrow. and select a preferred one. You can see the video is downloading. 
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