How to Make a Magical Floating Faucet ( Magic Tap )

Magic Water Tap

Creating the Illusion 

Whimsy is the key to designing this creative fountain. The faucet is actually supported by a transparent acrylic tube (clear pipe). A coursing water siphon drives water up through the pipe and out the end that is joined to the fixture gush, where it spills over and dribbles down the acrylic tube (clear pipe), making the illusion of water running from the spout. The plastic bucket or pot you choose for the base of the fountain. The span of the base compartment decides the measure of the completed task.

Required Goods

You need a few simple goods from the hardware store and aquarium supply store.

  • Submersible Pump
  • Clear Acrylic Tube
  • Water Tap
  • Plastic Basket or Pot
  • Natural or Artificial Rocks

Required Goods

How To Assembly

Drill six or seven holes around one end of the acrylic tube (clear pipe). The caulk makes a reasonable fitting for the finish of the pipe so the water is compelled to move through the penetrated openings. The caulk makes an unmistakable attachment for the finish of the pipe so the water is compelled to course through the penetrated openings. Apply Glue to the drilled end of the tube and fix it into the water tap nozzle.

The other end of the acrylic tube (clear pipe) fits over the outflow spout on the pump. Seal it in place with Glue and allow to dry completely. Place the submersible water pump in the bottom of the base container with the acrylic tube (clear pipe) and faucet extended above the vessel and the pump’s electrical cord running up and out the back of the container. Fill the base vessel with and add water to base vessel and plug in the pump. Water evaporates from the fountain and the submersible pump must have plenty of water to operate safely, so refill the base vessel as necessary.

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Great work. Keep going.