How to fix Lag in Mobile Legends 2019 (No Root) (New Patch)

Fix Lag In Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends having a slack issue isn't at all new since the amusement has just been played by various players around the globe. It is only that when there are numerous individuals who are playing a MMORPG, slacks are not out of the ordinary. It is in reality evident that numerous players are having this issue when they are playing Mobile Legends, be that as it may, there is a fix for this sort of issue.

Various individuals are persistently making protests about this slack issue when they are playing Mobile Legends. One YouTuber and gamer named BluePanda proposed an answer for Mobile Legends' slack issue. He has made five recommendations on how the regular issues, which were experienced by gamers, are to be tended to.

As per The BitBag, BluePanda transferred a video of the interactivity on Jan. 30. He likewise included a clarification how these slack issues are to be fixed. He referenced that since there are various players, it is unavoidable to expel slack issues. Despite what might be expected, this makes the diversion unplayable prompting the disappointment of various players who are in high positions yet are retained from playing the amusement because of the slack.

As such, he referenced in his video that once there are slacks utilizing WiFi, at that point the association with a 3G or 4G arrange is exceedingly suggested as an alternative. The Bitbag group who additionally plays the diversion has tried this fix, and it really works. In any case, subsequent to playing three continuous occasions in Rank mode, the slacks showed up once more.

In addition, there are some colleagues who were additionally not ready to encounter any distinction whatsoever. BluePanda has likewise made notice that there isn't a lot of that a player can do about this. It is simply recommended to work around the slack and report the issue to the designers of Mobile Legends.

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Step 1 -- First of all, Click on the link down below in the article

Step 2 -- Click on download APK

Step 3 -- Click on the install (maybe it will ask the permission for the installation)

Step 4 -- Open the app

Step 6 -- Go to left-hand side upper corner three-line menu

Step 7 -- Click on CPU governor  

Step 8 -- Tap on performance mode 👉 Set this default

Step 9 -- Tap on normal mode 👉  Set this interactive

Step 10 -- Tap on Quality mode 👉 Set this default

Step 11 -- Go back and click on the three-line menu again

Step 12 -- Go to Graphics resolution

Step 13 -- Tap on performance mode 👉 Set resolution 480p

Step 14 -- Tap on normal mode 👉 Set resolution 480p

Step 15 -- Tap on quality mode 👉 Set resolution 480p

Step 16 -- Go back and click on the three-line menu again

Step 17 -- Click on memory management

Step 18 -- Enable the swap memory and Enable the ZRAM compression

Step 19 -- Tap on min free type 👉 Set this aggressive

Step 20 -- Tap on and open the menu 

Step 21 -- Tap on game box engine 👉 Click on normal

Now everything's done, now you have to open the game using this GameBox app. I think this trick will work for you, now you can play mobile legends without any issue, so you can try this method for the fix lag issue in mobile legends

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