How to Use PS4 Remote Play for iOS: Play PS4 Games on iPhones and iPads

PS4 Remote Play

You would now be able to play PlayStation 4 recreations on your iPhone with Sony's legitimate PS4 Remote Play application! You've had the capacity to stream amusements for quite a long time with the informal R-Play application, yet we're glad to see official help from Sony itself. What's more, for nothing. 

Simply don't get the feeling this is a substitution for your genuine PS4. Truly, it gives you a chance to control amusements straight through your iPhone, however, it's basically a gushing administration that only bars the diversions that are playing on your PS4 to your iPhone. The iPhone doesn't have the diversions themselves as you may anticipate from a Nintendo Switch, so on the off chance that you don't have an excellent Wi-Fi flag, you're going to have an awful time.

Step by step instructions to set up Remote Play between your PS4 and iPhone

First of all, Go to your App Store and search PS4 Remote Play

Now install this app and open it

Click on start

Now click on confirm and continue and sign in to your ps4 account

Turn on your PS4 and log into your PS4 desired account.

Now go to account management and go to activate as your primary ps4

You need to make sure your ps4 software version is update 6.5. Then it will connect automatically, but if have a problem with this connection

Now click on register manually ( in the lower right corner ) 

Now go to ps4 settings

Go to remote play connection settings

Go to add device

After you can see a number

You need to enter showing number into your mobile app

you can play all your ps4 games using your iPhone or iPad

PS4 Remote App 👉👉

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